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Educational Homeschool Co-op for Elementary and Secondary Students

Are you an HSLDA member?

We recommend that homeschooling families join HSLDA. Even if you never experience legal trouble yourself, your HSLDA membership will help enable other homeschooling families to get the legal help they need and will help defend our right to homeschool here in Pennsylvania and the United States at large. Membership in HSLDA also gives you personal access to the legal staff; HSLDA’s experienced high school, struggling learners, and early years consultants; selling privileges at the HSLDA Curriculum Market; and discounts through HSLDA’s PerX program. (For more information about HSLDA’s many benefits, see L2HS co-op members SAVE $20 off the HSLDA membership price when you enter our Discount Group code 210157 on the HSLDA membership form!  Support your homeschooling journeying while sucuring the right for future generations to enjoy theirs!

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Co-op Visitation Days

We are so excited to begin another homeschooling journey this fall.  We meet Wednesdays, from 9am to 3:30pm.  Would you like to visit us for the day to learn more about what we offer?  Simply send your request to  Be sure to include your name, phone number and the names, ages and grades of your children.  We look forward to meeting you!

Visitation Schedule

September 17

November 12

January 28

April 22

Our visitation days are limited to ensure our registered families receive the best educational opportunities they deserve.  Thank you for sending in your request at least 72 hours prior to desired date.

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Region X Regional Speech & Debate Tournament

What’s all this debate stuff about?  Why should my kids be involved?  What can they learn?  Come and learn for yourself exactly how much your kids can grow and learn from participating in Debate!

The speech and debate league in which our co-op competes is holding Regionals in Cherry Hill, New Jersey this year. We need community judges. Judging a round is a three hour commitment which includes a 30 minutes orientation. The only qualification is to be 18 or over and not be currently enrolled in high school. The competition is April 21-24. If you are thinking of getting your kids involved with speech and debate, this is a great opportunity to come and see what is involved in a tournament.

Location:  King’s Christian School, 5 Carnegie Plaza, Cherry Hill, NJ 08003

When:  April 21-24, 2014

Pre-registering is extremely helpful to the organizers.  To pre-register for the event of your choice visit:    This is a great experience for everyone.  You will not be disappointed you volunteered your time.  Kids can come and watch and be entertained!

You can learn more by visiting  NCFCA is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.


Region X Invitational

The Kings Christian School

5 Carnegie Plaza

Cherry Hill, NJ 08003

Thank you for considering our request to judge at the Region X Invitational.  This tournament will provide competition for over 125 students from across our region in both Lincoln-Douglas Value and Team Policy debate, as well as speech events which include Interpretive, Platform and Limited Prep events.

We need over 100 community judges on April 21-24. Our students rely on our judges valuable feedback for improvement, growth and encouragement. No experience in either speech or debate is necessary. All we need is your investment of time.

Judging each round is a three hour commitment which includes a judge orientation lasting thirty minutes. You may judge as little as one round on one day or as much as several rounds over all three days.

If you have any questions, please contact Trudy Pomerantz at or by phone at 856-816-5804.


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Time Flies! Year End Reflections :)

The journey this year has been FABULOUS!! We have enjoyed meeting new friends and sharing our talents with each other.

Our Secondary students (ages 12-18) learned the art of Debate. The students successfully competed in Region X NCFCA tournaments. Our co-op group hosted our first local tournament which was a huge success thanks to our families and the support from the local community! Our secondary students also discussed great works of literature and enjoyed a 6 weeks glass class at Warner Glass. What a great experience. Many science experiments were hypothesized and successfully analyzed.

Our Elementary kids (ages 4-11) learned over 24 history facts, 161 events and people in a chronological historical timeline, math facts, Latin conjugations, English grammar facts and over 100 locations and geographical features of Europe, Asia and select parts of the world. They also learned 24 science facts and experienced biomes, planets, laws of motion and thermodynamics! Upper Elementary kids (ages 9-11) wrote over 20 Medieval history based papers, experienced intense grammar study of the English language and worked on their mental math skills improving their overall math knowledge.

Our students at both levels participated in our annual Art Expo hosted by Traditions of Hanover in Bethlehem, PA. The students were able to showcase their growth of their artistic ability to family, friends and the residents of Traditions.

What a WONFDERFUL year! And, we can not forget friendship, fun and SOCIALIZATION was enjoyed by all.

We had superb parents willing to share their time, talents and passions with the students. It is the willingness and dedication of our parents that make our co-op so successful.

We are excited to continue our journey through the summer and into the Fall.

We are currently accepting new families on our wait list. Visitations to our co-op are by request only.

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New Support Group for Secondary Students!

Luv 2 Homeschool Support is excited to announce the maiden voyage of an academic and social group for secondary students. Students and parents have access to other local families in which to connect for academic support or social gatherings. This is a family driven group with gatherings suggested and implemented by its members. This is a private group which requires requests or by invitation to join. Secondary is defined as students age 12 years old to 18 years old or approximately grades 7 – 12.

For more information email us at

To check out this group visit:

An Elementary site is also offered. For more information send request to above email.

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Writing Class for 8-yr olds…

Beginning Wednesday, January 8th are will offer a weekly one hour writing class for 8-yr old children. This class will take place 10a – 11a and use the acclaimed Institute for Excellence in Writing (IEW) technique. This course runs for 12-weeks ending April 9th. Students will learn how to create an key word outline, create a well written paragraph as well as understand the early stages of research based writing.

Eight year olds have the dexterity, speed and knowledge of words to be successful in this course. Class size is limited to ensure full comprehension of the material and to offer one-on-one time for understanding. Class size is limited to eight (8) students. Young 9 year olds may also enroll in the class based on space.

A “read only” registration form can be found under “registration forms.” To obtain a printable copy send an e-mail request to Full payment is required to hold your child(ren)’s spot.

Please note: Because this class is being offered during our other co-op class time, families with additional sibling, both younger and older, must be in the nursery room. (Parents are responsible for monitoring their children.)

To learn more about IEW visit: Happy writing!

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Visit us…

Co-ops are like families. Each is different and unique. To truly get the favor of any co-op or group, one must emerge themselves into the co-op to understand how it operates. More importantly to determine whether or not it will work for their individual family and situation.

We have scheduled visitation days the second and fifth weeks of each of our 6-wk sessions. Upcoming visitation days include 12/4; 1/15; 2/5; 3/12; and 4/2. For children 8-years-old and under their day ends at 1:30p. Older kids have a more intense schedule and remain in classes until 3:30p. All visits must be pre-approved by our Coordinating Team. Contact us via email: to schedule your future visit.

Whether for the current year or next year, a visit to our co-op will help one to better understand our purpose and goals as an educational co-op. We are here to support homeschooling families, not replace them.

We look forward to meeting you and your family!

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We are OPEN!

We are so excited to begin our learning adventure this Fall. We still have limited openings in both the elementary and secondary levels. We offer a unique learning environment in which the students are engaged both intellectually and socially. Elementary students are immersed in hands-on, active activities. The secondary students can earn speech and volunteer credit during each weekly co-op meeting time. The debate topic for the 2013-2014 season has been announced as follows…Resolved: That federal election law should be significantly reformed in the United States. Debate is a great opportunity for students to learn how to argue their point while respectfully listening to someone with a different view-point. Our co-op courses can be viewed under “course descriptions.” Contact us with any questions. This is going to be an exciting Fall!

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Where we meet…

We are so excited to be located on Roble Rd very near the Lehigh Valley Airport.  We are able to service homeschoolers in and around the Lehigh Valley with convenience for all.  Our facility is easily accessible from US 22, Rt 33 and I-78.  Our co-op not only offers strong academic enrichment courses, we also strive to create a connected homeschool community among our members.  There are many opportunities throughout the day for the kids and parents alike to socialize and connect with the participating families.  We also have a winter Science Fair,  spring Art Expo and several debate invitationals in the making.  We are so excited to be sharing our homeschool journey together with you!

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Connecting the concepts for our elementary kids…

Each week our elementary kids memorize facts in history, Latin, math, English grammar, science, and geography.  This is a very classical approach of learning.  To make the facts come alive and really connect the information with their growing brains we use lots of hands-on activities to stimulate the brain and create “a-ha” moments for the kids.  The science experiments directly relate to the specific science fact of the week.  The large write-on world map help aid the children in understanding how close or far away the geographical area is in relationship to their own.  We also tie in culture, customs and facts about the given region to make the area come alive to the children.  We use lots of sign language and music to aid in memory recall and mastery of the history sentence and historical timeline.  Songs and rhythms are utilized to concretely immerse the kids in the Latin and English grammar knowledge.  Added together, we create one fabulous fun filled educational opportunity for our elementary students.

This weekly information is a great resource for families to launch their weekly curriculum at home and delve in deeper based on their children’s desire to learn more.

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